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The treatments I offer are as follows. Please get in contact for prices & packages


Tattoo removal - Anywhere on the body

Lip blush

Eye liner tattoo

Ombre brow

Powder brow

Laser hair removal - full leg

Laser hair removal - half leg

Laser hair removal - full arm

Laser hair removal - half arm

Laser hair removal - full back

Laser hair removal - lower back

Laser hair removal - chest

Laser hair removal - under arms

Laser hair removal - top lip

Laser hair removal - Chin

Laser hair removal - Hands

Laser hair removal - feet toes

Laser hair removal - neck

Laser hair removal - face

Laser hair removal - shoulders

Laser hair removal - bikini line

Laser hair removal - abdomen

Laser hair removal - full leg & bikini line (package deal)

Laser hair removal - full back & shoulders (package deal)

Laser hair removal - underarm/half leg & bikini line  (sun ready package)

Skin rejuvenation - acne scarring 

Skin rejuvenation  - thread spider vein

Skin rejuvenation  - age spots & sun spots

Skin rejuvenation  - pigmentation 

Skin rejuvenation - sun brightening & tightening 


Classic lash

Gel nails 


Once you have had your Semi Permanent Makeup [SPMU] treatment, you must stick to the aftercare procedure for 2 weeks. The aftercare procedure is really important, it's as important as the treatment itself, following it is necessary to achieve the best results and if this is compromised in any way it will affect your healed result.

You must follow these 8 aftercare rules for 2 weeks:

  • Do not touch them
  • No direct sun exposure
  • Avoid getting them wet (this includes rain, steam, shower spray and sweat)
  • Do not pick, peel or scratch your new brows (this can cause scarring and infection)
  • Avoid getting too hot (this will open your pores and potentially cause you to sweat)
  • No excessive sweating (sweat contains salt which will prematurely fade your SPMU)
  • No makeup or products directly on them (you can still wear makeup around your brows, just nothing directly on them)
  • To ensure you apply the after care lotion supplied by me

Healing Stages

You have an initial healing period of around 2 weeks (where you will stick to the aftercare procedure) and this is where you'll notice the most changes. It can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster during this time as they will change in appearance every day. After the treatment they will get darker over about 3 days, this is the scabs forming. Over the next 11-ish days the scabs will flake away on their own, it's important not to pick or peel during this stage as you could cause scarring or infections. Once the brows have healed it will look like they've disappeared, this is completely normal as your skin heals over the pigment and the pigment has to push back through. This can take up to 4-6 weeks. The length of the healing period varies person to person.


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